Why Holley Floors?

I am a reputable small business owner and a 3rd generation floor installer and finisher. I do all of my own work and run the office with the help of my wife and knowledge of my family. We have always believed in the value of being friendly, hardworking & honest. I am constantly perfecting my craftsmanship and learning about new products and applications and I always strive to educate my clients and to learn what is best for your household. I believe in sustainable products and am always looking to add more eco options to my go to products.


Are you Licensed, Bonded & Insured?
Yes! Always make sure any contractor you use is verified by the Department of Labor and Industries! You can do this by calling them or going to their website directly. 


What Type of Services Do You Perform?

I perform both residential and commercial work, especially for other small local businesses.

I specialize in all types of wood flooring from reclaimed materials to traditional oak and fir to herringbone and custom inlays. I also install engineered and pre-finished hardwood flooring which is a great option for condos and basements. (Please be aware that this type of flooring usually requires moisture testing, concrete prep and an adhesive application.)

I do not install carpet, tile or laminate at this time.


Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, the rate depends on the type of service being provided and the location of the job. The reason for this charge is that whether I am resanding and refinishing one room or ten rooms, it still requires me to load in/out the same amount of equipment and visit the jobsite the same number of times to apply each coat of finish, which requires the same amount of time. Kitchen sands have their own minimum due to the additional work required to sand and finish around corners, islands and cabinets.


When is payment due?
-Payment for refinish services are due the day of completion
-Deposit for materials + 1/2 down is required to schedule and order flooring for delivery. This also covers the installation portion. The remaining 1/2 is due the day of completion of the sand/finish portion.

What payment types do you accept?

We prefer checks payable and mailed to: Holley Floors, LLC 6703 Dayton Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103

We accept wire transfers with prior authorization

We accept cash (in person only)

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards (add 3% transaction fee for credit cards)

Send credit, debit & echeck payments through PAYPAL to [email protected]


Should I buff & coat my floor or refinish/replace it? What is the difference?

Below is a breakdown of the different types of services I can perform but please be aware that I will need to look at each job and provide a free estimate before proper action can be determined.

Buff & Coat- For surface scratches and normal wear and tear, lightly sand the finish (called screening) and apply a new topcoat. 

Sand & Finish- For more damaged flooring, you’ll want to completely sand the old finish off down to the bare wood. Once you’ve done that, you can apply any finish

Replacement & Install- For thin floors (sanded too many times or pre-finished that has already been sanded), cracking, bowing, water damaged or aesthetically no longer pleasing.


I am getting new flooring installed, what do I need to know?

Once you have selected the type of flooring you are wanting installed and selected an install date, there is another important step to know about.


For best results it is always important to have wood delivered at least 1-2 weeks prior to the install date and place it inside your home in an area near the install location. This is especially true for prefinished hardwood flooring. This step allows the wood to adapt and change to the exact temperature and conditions of your home. This is very important because wood changes with the weather (expands & contracts). By matching the wood to the climate of your house you are ensuring the best possible installation and results without having to worry as much about the wood changing once it is installed on your sub-floor.

Note from Aaron- I also like to wait 5-7 days after installation and before sanding & finishing your new floor (whenever possible) to truly acclimate and to ensure the look, strength and professional quality of every install I do. I really take pride in my work and am very aware that you will be seeing and enjoying these floors every singe day!


How long does Swedish Finish take to dry & cure? Do I need to leave the house?

YES! Swedish finish, though beautiful and highly sought after is also very potent in liquid form with a high VOC (and formaldehyde). You must leave the house from the first application until approx 48 hours after the last application to allow it to dry and off-gas. This includes all people, animals (yep fish too!) and even plants. Swedish Finish is not ideal for households with anyone pregnant, young children and/or pets. These households should only use water based finish with low or no VOCs.

It is also a good idea to keep the house as ventilated as possible for 3-7 days after you return to your home. You should also not lay down any area rugs for at least 30-60 days while the finish is completely curing, as fibers can stick to it and tones around objects and under can vary.


How long after the last coat of finish is applied can I put my household items back? 

It is ideal to wait at least a few days to replace your household items on your new floor. Now that you have a beautiful, smooth surface it is recommended to put furniture pads or tabs on legs or surfaces that might drag or scratch. 

If you have area rugs, it is best to wait 30 days if possible to put them down. Please be aware, if you place rugs or furniture under direct sunlight in the first few months after finishing, the color under the items can differ from the color around the items, once the floor and color ages.